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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Cheap Music Downloads Site Review

Cheap Music Downloads – Review Of Services For Cheap Music Downloads

As mentioned, we used the set of selection criteria on all the paid services for cheap music downloads, be it pay per download, pay per month or paid lifetime membership services. From the first round of elimination, the conclusion is clear that paid lifetime membership services are still the best.

See the comparison chart below.

Cheap Music Downloads - Music, Movie, Video, TV Shows

There are quite a number of paid services that offer lifetime membership. This lifetime membership entitles you to unlimited access to the entire music library. In other words, there is no limit to when and how many songs and music files you want to download. And you only pay a flat fee.

We reviewed each of the service according to our stringent criteria and selected and ranked the top 3 sites. Their files are compatible with all brands of MP3 players.

Top Choice For Cheap Music Downloads

Download Music New

No.1 For Cheap Music Downloads - Download Now!


3 Year Unlimited VIP Access & Support for ONLY $14.97/year (Best Value! $44.91)
2 Year Full Access & Support for only $17.49/year
1 Year Access & Support for only $2.49/month

We like this site due to its huge database of well over 15 millions songs. They regularly update their database with new song and music releases. You can enjoy cheap music downloads whenever you want. Play it on your computer or MP3 player.

There are also millions of media files other than music such as software, movies, music videos, games and more.

This site is generous with its music genres. Other than the general genres like pop, classical, country, rock, heavy metal, you will even find Japanese and Korean songs, Iranian music, tribal music, 90’s techno and other specialized music.

The lifetime membership is the most popular and highly recommended. With a 60-day money back guarantee, there is nothing to lose.

We decided to give it No.1 because of the huge media library, user-friendly platform, fast downloads as well as a responsive customer support team. Many users have also given their vote for this site.

No.2 Choice for Cheap Music Downloads

Ares Ultra Pro

No.2 For Cheap Music Downloads


Unlimited VIP Access and support for only $34.95 (Best value!)
2 Year Access and support for only $16.44/year
1 Year Access and support for only $2.49/month

This service contains a large library of well over 12 million songs and movies and come with complete albums. The interface and tutorials are easy to follow and definitely a no-brainer for most folks, whether you are a regular surfer or not. More than 50 million users at this site is a testimonial of its professionalism and quality in terms of cheap music downloads.

You do not need to search and download a song at a time but can simply compile a song list and download all simultaneously. We like this feature very much. Saves time and effort.

They also come with a bonus software bundle which includes a DVD to CD software which allows you to copy DVDs to CDs, anti-virus software and firewall.

Their download speed is amazingly fast. In fact, it is 300 times faster than the normal music store. We love the speed of transfer. Also, other than music, they do also offer audio ebooks. Their customer support is top notch and proficient.

We feel it is deserving of No.2 for cheap music downloads. Thumbs up!

No.3 Choice for Cheap Music Downloads


No.3 For Cheap Music Downloads


Lifetime Unlimited Access $34.95
2 Year Access and support for only $16.44/year
1 Year Access and support for only $2.49/month

This site is another speedster when it comes to downloading speeds. The download is 250 times normal download speed and you can find well over 10 million music and song files. Other than music alone, you can also download movies, music videos and a whole lot of other media files from a 15-billion huge database.

The support is 24/7 and ready to assist you in every way. We also observed that their MP3 format is of the highest quality.

This is an established music service that has been around for quite some time. So it was not hard for us to research on this site for feedback of their users. At the same time, we took a good look at the membership interface and found it to be as easy to use as the Download Music New and Ares Ultra Pro.

But because of its smaller music media library, it is ranked No.3. Otherwise, we love this service for its gigantic library of movies, games and video media.

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Cheap Music Downloads Selection Tips

Cheap Music Downloads – How To Pick A Site For Cheap Music Downloads

Whether you are looking for cheap music downloads for your computer or MP3 player like iPod and Zune, you will surely be able to find one service that suits your needs.

Our computers now come with media player software like Windows Media Player, Winamp and Real One which can easily play the music downloads at these online music services.

Here are some selection factors that will help you to decide which service is the best for cheap music downloads.

1. Pricing

Nowadays, you will find dozens of paid services that offer either pay per download, pay per month or pay per membership options. Allow me to elaborate.

Sites like iTunes, eMusic and Amazon are what we call pay per download sites. You pay for every download. Each download is usually priced at $0.99.

Some of these sites have a pay per month membership option that is priced at $9.99 onwards. With this, you can download a fixed number of songs and music per month.

The third kind of sites is the paid membership sites where you pay a flat fee either for a one year, two year or lifetime unlimited downloads membership.

2. Music Genres

There are specialist sites that offer niche music like 80s rock music. There are also services that provide a huge range of genres like rock, pop, R&B, classical, country and so on. Depending on your taste, you may want to go for either a general music service or specialist one. But the recommended option is the general music site since you get more choices.

3. Fast Downloads

Obviously, we want to download music as fast as we can. Cheap music downloads services vary in transfer speeds. We know there are several that can go up to 300 times the usual download speeds.

4. User-Friendly Platform

No point in getting cheap music downloads if it takes forever for you to figure out how to download your favorite songs and music. There are a few services that are really unclear in their instructions, and the download platform is a myriad of complex buttons and icons. But we did find several that provide top-notch easy to use interface.

5. Good Reputation

Popular services are not popular by mistake or coincidence. A lot of them gained a good reputation through providing professional service and best value. Read reviews of such sites.

6. Professional Customer and Technical Care

We want to use a service that not only provide cheap music downloads but come with excellent customer and technical support we can count on. While there are many services that boast of a 24/7 support standing by, many fail to deliver this except a few.

We took this list of selection criteria and tested them on dozens of pay per download and paid membership sites. Read on to see which 3 services are the winners for cheap music downloads.

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Cheap Music Downloads or Free

Cheap Music Downloads – Buy Cheap Music Downloads Or Get Them Free?

You may have heard about free download sites where you can get to download music and songs for free. While it sounds really cool to be able to download them without paying anything, I can assure you that there is at least some other price you got to pay.

Such sites freely distribute music via client download software. Such software may be free or you have to purchase it from them. You do need to install it on your computer.

The sites can be free to you because they rely on advertising. They are notorious for transferring adware and spyware on your computer. Now and then, you will see those irritating pop-ups coming out from no where. Worse still, the sites are not secured and are often hosts of viruses. We observed that there are many occasions when our anti-virus software was not able to block off these viruses. We thought it was just us but soon realized many people have fallen prey as well.

Other than this, sometimes, you may unknowingly download some copyrighted music which they have no right or permission to distribute at all. You may get into trouble then.

The downloading can be super slow. We tested on these networks and found that it took hours to download a list of songs. It was frustrating to wait so long!

People have also complained about the music videos and songs being incomplete. Some are also corrupted and cannot playback.

Sometimes, we simply cannot understand why people want to waste their time to download music at these free sites and be at the mercy of endless attacks by viruses and malware.

The reason we say that is because there are cheap music downloads available at paid music services. In fact, there are dozens of membership sites that let you download any number of songs and music from their database with millions of MP3 music and song files. For a flat one-time fee of less than $39.99, you get unlimited access to their entire song collection.

These are secured sites, and your PC is safe from virus and malware infiltration when you download the cheap music downloads. The selection is so huge that you can always find what you need. In fact, some of the top sites update their databases daily with the latest music hits.

Before you get too excited and want to grab those cheap music downloads instantly, pick up some hot tips to select an ideal site that offers the best value for money cheap music downloads.

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Cheap Music Downloads

Cheap Music Downloads

Are you searching for cheap music downloads? Well, you are at the right place then.

Within this review blog, you will find out everything you need about music downloads for your PC or MP3 player.

Find out why you should avoid free sites to download music.

Learn how to screen an online music service for the best deals for cheap music downloads. You will discover the factors to consider when evaluating a site for music downloads.

Read a full review of music download services and find out which ones pass our stringent selection criteria and offers value for money for cheap music downloads.

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